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I notice that when I press Alt Z (Command Links), it clearly shows the "up-and-down" chain at the platoon level (down to all squads and up to company HQ), but at the company HQ level it only indicates the links to the higher HQ and those units directly associated with the Company HQ (snipers, 2IC, etc.). It does not show the links from the company HQ to the subordinate platoons. So if I press Alt Z on a platoon HQ, I can see the C2 link to its squads and company HQ, but when I press Alt Z on the company HQs, it only shows the connection to the battalion HQ and company HQ units - NOT the subordinate platoons. I would like to have C2 shown from company HQ to platoons to prevent platoons of different companies from getting jumbled up. This issue occurs in all my CM series games. Is my Version 4 working properly or do I need to adjust something? Thank you.

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