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Don't think I should have...


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Hi all

I had CMBN v3.12 and installed patch 4.02. Now my units have strange titles, eg. my king tiger says Security RPG29. Don't think I needed patch 4.02.

Is there any way to roll back to the previous 3.12 version?

Any help appreciated.

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Do you have Vin's mod? The one that replaces the text on the bottom left of the screen that tells you what individual soldiers in a unit are doing, spotting, aiming etc with icons?

If so, remove it.

Otherwise, make sure you unzip or unrar the install files, including patches each in a separate folder with nothing else in it. Don't just unzip everything in a folder where there are other brz from a different game. And run the exe from there.

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Ok, next possibility...If you to Battlefront.com and go under Account Purchases, you should be able to find the CMBN Full installer (it's one big download). Just uninstall your old version first, then download that Full Installer (which will automagically bring you to 4.02)...Should solve the problem.

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