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Amiens Tonight Campaign

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I've just completed the second mission - great map btw, loved it and loved the contrast after the huge battle in the 1st. 

However, I noticed that the platoon in the second mission was missing its HQ unit.  When I finished it, the lorried infantry in the 3rd mission are also missing their platoon HQs.  Is this deliberate?  I'm fairly sure that I didn't lose any platoon HQs in the first mission, and in any case, I'm not sure it's the same regiment. 

So oversight? Or are all the lieutenants enjoying the local bars whilst they send their troops off to capture Amiens?

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I think that this has cropped up in earlier threads. The first time I fired up this mission I had one full strength platoon, minus their HQ and 2inch mortar. When I fired it up again, I had the HQ unit, the 2inch mortar, but an under strength platoon. As far as I can remember from back then nothing was ever done about it because the campaign designer couldn't find a problem. If he looked deeper into it and I missed any future posts then hopefully someone can give you more help.

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No, the first battle features troops from the 43rd (Wessex) Division. For the rest of the campaign you will be using 11th Armoured Division, with perhaps some supporting elements from other units. 

Both this campaign, and the Battle Pack that it comes from was the work of Jon Sowden. By and large I think he did an excellent job, just a shame about the missing troops in this particular mission. I wish I could remember the exact name of the thread that dealt with your problem, but it was a few years ago.

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