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Britain's Contribution to the Battle of the Bulge short doc

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This is a. topic of which I knew almost nothing going in, but once again, Mark W. Felton delivers the goods in detail and provides some excellent footage, including captured German 88s being used against their former owners, Highlanders in winter kit, several varieties of UK and Belgian armed and even armored jeeps and a rare recon version of a Panzer 38 T. Lots of German winter and fall paint schemes prominently shown, at close range. Though small, the British contribution, though buried, said General Sir Alexander, CIGS, for political reasons, was militarily significant, timely and valuable.


John Kettler

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I seem to recall some flak about the British Press pushing hard for Monty to replace Eisenhower, and stuff like that.  There was, I think, some efforts by Churchill to get the British Press to "quiet down" because they were sowing descent among the Allies (just as Hitler often hoped?)

Wasn't the entire northern flank of the Bulge temporarily assigned to the British for a month or so?

Lastly, US Army historians were often tasked with writing the history of US units in a battle, so they would only mention involved Commonwealth units in a peripheral sort of way.  I imagine the Official Commonwealth history of the Battle of the Bulge is likewise alanted from the opposite direction.


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Paddy : "Ah Mr Jorrocks Sir. Will yer'se listen to this 'ere fella?. No feckin' mention of how I liberated Rochefort Monastery firing me Sten from the hip outta the open door of me Bedford. Anywayse, we sure did 'ave some craic that night, did we'se not. I found you'se a couple of crates of Gordon's Gin  that the monks had stashed away in 1940. And helped me'self to some of their No 10 Ale. When we raised our goblets, you shouted "Go feck yerself Caitlin Summersby", or was that me?"

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