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This infantry gun just fired right through a building as if it wasn't there.


Here's the proof. The puff of smoke farther to the right of the distant target is where the shots actually landed.


Save game is here:


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I don't know how many pixels wide a shell is as calculated by the system.  However, this could be one of those unfortunate, but not infrequent situations where the AI can see a pixel-wide gap that provides LOS through a large dense forest, in this case a house that may have holes in it, and can shoot through that pixel-wide gap.

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I think that you will find that during the set-up phase, one of the crew took his ranging poles and measured both the distance to the barn, and the height of the roof. Then he clambered up onto the roof and checked it's angle. And once the battle started he lay there calling in targets to his mates. Of course, all of this is abstracted in the game. Or, maybe not.

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