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I don't have details on doing this but it MIGHT be possible. Typically when people run with more than one monitor it is setup in an 'extended desktop' role. Usually this means that one monitor is the 'primary' and the other will be the 'secondary'. Windows will usually put up its desktop on the primary monitor. You can move icons, programs and other stuff to the 'secondary' monitor, but most programs will run on one or the other. You can possibly expand programs by manually dragging them, but that doesn't work with CM games (since they aren't 'windowing' type apps). Typically CM will run on the 'primary' display. In order to use the entire desktop both monitors have to be seen as one display (the task bar typically at the bottom of the display will appear across both monitors). This will then appear as a single, higher resolution to programs, such as CM. If two 1920 x 1080 displays were to appear as one, then the resolution would be 3840 x 1080. With the Prefs file for CM deleted, it should attempt to run at the 'desktop' resolution, which would be the 3840 x 1080 resolution. It would be up to the video drivers to offer such an option (the 'expanded desktop as one display resolution').

I rarely run multiple-monitors, so I'm unknowledgeable about the exact options to enable to allow for these 'combined resolution' desktops.This article on using Nvidia Surround may be helpful since it is of what I speak, however I don't know if current drivers operate with these options or not. AMD Radeons have a feature called Eyefinity, but again I'm not sure if it is a current feature or not.

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