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Hey there, not sure what is exactly troubling you as your description is a bit vague. No biggie. I do the same thing, trying to be descriptive and brief. 

This mod is "plug and play" like any mod. Just drop it into your Z folder.

If the extended numbers on the helmets or anything else have you confused don't worry. The extended numbers (beyond the ones listed on the original "built-in" files) just gives the game more choices to randomly choose a helmet to go on the soldiers.


Hope that clears things up


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On 12/23/2019 at 7:27 AM, silent_crescendo said:

As the title says I am having some issues with the renumbering of helmets in the Damian's 101st uniform mod. The game is only showing helmets numbered 1-2. All the files are correctly named. 

Sorry you didn't get any answers on this sooner.  I wonder if something is "off" with the forum.  I'll see a post for the first time, under unread content, and notice the post is weeks old.  Should have been seen weeks prior............

So, anyways, if your still looking for possible solutions.  Options, 3D settings, can effect how many textures load.  Just guessing but this might have something to do with your problem.  IIRC the 3D settings should be set to Best for all textures to load.  At least temporarily (for test purposes) I would check the 3D settings and see if this made a difference.         

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Ah I see what you are addressing!

I missed the fact of "The game is only showing helmets numbered 1-2". Though the others are there only two are showing up!

I offer no excuses for my error. Well except for the fact that it is difficult to type one handed while the other one is cradling a kitty who has fallen asleep in your arms.

Feline Paralysis = The inability to move when a cat is upon a person for fear of waking or disturbing the cat. 

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I´ve got some suggetions:

When you load new mods, you have to completely quit the game and reload in order for the mods to show up.

The correct numbering of the files is very important: If you have files 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6, then only 1 and 2 will show, because 3 is missing.

Check if there is a space between the number and the name: It should be something like: uk-helmet 2 - Not: uk-helmet2

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Also didn't someone find out a while back that if you lower one of the game's quality settings you get less variations? I cannot find that post and I cannot test myself at the moment.

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