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QB map pdfs

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(I'm starting this as a new topic since the links to even the old pdf files will be changing.)

I just finished the pdf which shows all QB maps for CMBN. It is a huge file -- nearly 400 pages and 330MB -- and is HERE. (A smaller, lower quality version for CMBN is HERE.) Since Assault, Attack and Probe versions of the various QB maps usually vary only slightly, I only included Assault in these pdfs. Those and (I believe) all Meeting Engagement maps. 

Also, the old dropbox links for the other 3 titles will be expiring, so I'm moving everything to this newer account. Here are the new links for pdf's for the other 3 WW2 titles:

CMFB is here.

Here is Red Thunder.

And here is Fortress Italy.




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1 hour ago, Kevin2k said:

Much appreciated by me as well. 

For some reason I felt like modifying things: Exported all to jpeg images and with some script restored the image filenames to resemble the map filenames. Now I can search on keywords like 'Small' or 'Bocage' etc. 

Awww, man... if you wanted the original images -- they're bitmaps, 2560x1440 -- I would've happily just given them to you. The image names are the QB map names.

Oh well, at least you got to work on your scripting skills!

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What maps were added in CMFI R2V?

@Battlefront.com, could a future patch standardize map naming? Some titles have for example (1600 x 2000) which I like, some say Huge, Medium, et.c , and then after that the naming is completely bonkers! Some are named, some describe the terrain features and some in R2V (the better maps IMO) are named for the scenarios they were converted to QB from.

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