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Suitability of BN Mods RTV?

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I really like the mods the community has put out these past few years, but I have to admit I think Aristoteles' are the gold standard. I don't think he's been active in a long while, and so far as I know he didn't get around to Gustav Line. His skins from BN weren't suitable for the early Italian campaign, but now that RTV has brought the fighting to mid '44 and the close of the war, I was wondering how suitable his BN and FB mods would be, in light of most vehicles being olive drab in Italy from this point on, if nothing else.

Beyond that, what differences in uniforms and vehicle markings would have to be taken account between RTV and BN and FB?

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Some of the mods might work...the worn and muddy versions of Aris' vehicles might fit in okay.  As for markings, they will be completely different depending on the time-period, and even the late war will have different formation markings at least.  I'm thinking of looking at doing the CW markings for the Italian Theatre in the new year...just need to finish what I started with CMBN first.

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