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I need Vin's text mod for CMFB V2.02 Game Engine 4

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I recently upgraded my 2016 era CMFB to Game Engine 4 and latest patches.

I had done a forum search and looked at CMMODSIII but got confused.

Which Vin text mod do I need for my newly upgraded and patched CMFB? I only saw 1.01 and 1.02.

I guess I thought it would say 2.02 to match the CMFB v2.02 but maybe 1.02 is usable?

Thanks guys

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Yeah updating Vin's Animated text is on my list of stuff to do. My list is too long and I don't have enough time. I do love that mod too and every time I play without it I feel the pang of guilt that I have not created updated versions :D

@Mad Mike created a primer on how to do it. I have been following his work:

A couple of notes - I only do the heavy version since it is the one I like and the grenade symbol should not be used even though it is very nice but the string gets used in a couple of places so looks goofy in the other location in the UI.

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17 hours ago, kohlenklau said:

Thanks Mark. I hope to stick around...

Ian: I tried to modify it with Notepad++ but somehow failed and got goofy entries in the game. It seemed fairly simple to copy and paste over but it didn't work.




I've attached the Strings.txt I use for my CMFB v2.02. You can give it a try, just put it into the Animated Text Mod folder for CMFB.
It is the LIGHT varaint of the mod, btw.


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Thanks for keeping the mod alive Mike. Sorry fellas, It just got to be too much of a pain in the ass for me constantly have to update it for so many patches and games so I lost ambition for keeping up with it. Glad you posted the self help instructions. Should have just did that myself. Mike, Ian or anyone else is welcome to administrate it to keep it updated for the troops, and deal with "my text is screwy" problems when not updated. Appreciate keeping the name for the credit of inception. Glad you guys enjoy the mod.

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