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Looking for Monte Cassino map that includes monastery?

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Curiouser and curiouser.  I have all CMx2 products, just like the Sarge--I mean every game, module and pack, and all up to date.  I have the 4 Cassino maps in the Master Maps folder. (They are dated 8/9/2014.)  I guess Rocketman has you all covered, but just wanted to let Elvis know.  I have a PC in case that would somehow make a difference.

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On 12/20/2019 at 3:01 PM, rocketman said:

Well I'll be darned, the Monte Cassino Master maps (four for seperate starting days) have been there all along and was probably shipped with GL. Never occured to me that they were in a seperate folder and not the scenario one. I suppose they can be enhanced with streams that have been added to FI later on. Also the roads aren't really roads but tiles of pavement. Not sure why.

So I guess I have to turn my attention elsewhere to satisfy my map making urge. 

The tiles were used in lieu of roads because I hate zig zag roads....  

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After downloading, uninstalling, re-installing, downloading, uninstalling reinstalling......I will confirm several things.

1) Sorry @Sgt.Squarehead they were never in GL.

2) It is 100% true that they are not in the patch and are in the full installer. 

3) I was running out the door for the glorious Eagles game yesterday and drew a blank on who made those gorgeous maps. It was @sburke. And I apologize for the brain fart.

4) I would expect that the next CMFI patch (v2.11) will have them built in.

Here's a direct Battlefront link (in addition to the rocketman's link):



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14 hours ago, rocketman said:

 the Venafro Master Map causes CTD everytime I try to just load the file into the editor. Never had that with any map in any game.

It takes a really long time to load, even on my new monster, but it does work.....It's a huge urban area and well worth the wait (don't click anything when it is loading).

19 hours ago, BFCElvis said:

1) Sorry @Sgt.Squarehead they were never in GL.

That's very odd, as these (or one of them at least), are definitely the maps I'd seen before (the labelling is very distinctive).....Was there ever a pre-release version, and if so, why would it have disappeared from my system?

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