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Semper Fi Campaign bug? LAV-AT Range


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In Semper Fi campaign Mission 4,  theLAV-AT-A2 have a range of 447 meters (exactly), after which it says "no line of sight" regardless of whether or not there's anything blocking LOS.

I ran into this problem the last time I played through the marines campaign when CM2 was first released, before it had been updated with 4.0 engine features. The range problem showed up on subsequent missions of the campaign- the bug doesn't effect LAV-AT's in quick battle however. I'm thinking this problem is just me because I can't find any other posts regarding the issue.

This is a new installation of CM2 that was 2.02 without any patches having to be installed.


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There's a minor issue in the second mission ('High Points - Low points' IIRC), the briefing is a bit inconsistent/inaccurate in its description of your available artillery support.....It doesn't spoil the mission in any way, it's just a bit confusing to read.

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5 hours ago, mjkerner said:

Time of day of these missions?

As above (4-5AM, conditions hazy).


So I did some additional testing in quick battle: created some LAV-ATs on the "Desert Open" map at night and with "Thick Haze" conditions gives them a max range of about 313m. Looks like what I thought was a bug is actually the effect of haze on the LAV-AT optics! Interestingly enough haze doesn't seem to limit the range on HMMWV TOWs (tested them alongside LAV-ATs). Not sure if this is a case of things working as intended. I thought the first time I played through the campaign there were maps with clear conditions where range was still limited, but I can't say for sure- I will update thread once I get to those missions. Further reading:

https://www.marines.mil/Portals/1/Publications/MCWP 3-14 Employment of the Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.pdf

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