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A few oddities I noticed with availability of formations:

- British Army has access to 2 battleships and heavy cruiser for artillery support from 7/43 through 12/43.  The Canadian Army has access to 2 battleships and 1 heavy cruiser from 12/43 through 2/45 (when the Canadians go away).  Is that correct?

- Waffen SS Artillery, Air Support and Fortifications are available 7/43, 8/43, 11/43, 12/43 and 5/44 even though no formations from the Infantry and Armored Infantry are available.  No Waffen SS troops are available 1/45, 2/45, 3/45.  Shouldn't the earlier dates (7/43, 8/43, 11/43, 12/43, 5/44) be the same as 1/45, 2/45, 3/45; i.e. no available Waffen SS formations (Waffen SS grayed out)?

- Canadian Army has two formations called "Support Group", sometimes available at the same time, but with different equipment/units.  Should each one be named different?

All these observations are in the editor.  (Not intending to nit pick, I think the work on the TO&E is excellent.  Just thought these seemed odd).


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