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3 hours ago, Freyberg said:

They can take over from the HQ if the HQ is killed, so I usually look after them unless the HQ is very safe.

Yes indeed. If I do have an XO team, then I am more apt to to send my HQ forward. Use them as both an alternate forward observer, and a morale boosting leader for units nearby. If... more like when he gets killed, the XO takes over, In which case he sits out a few bounds to the rear somewhere and drinks coffee.

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2 minutes ago, Lille Fiskerby said:

C2, meaning if you have two battalions you can send the Bn. XO-team to the other Bn. HQ (if you can provide radios for the XO-teams) to deliver C2 ASAP.

This one that Fiskerby mentioned can be particularly useful.  Use XO teams to act as liaisons to other friendly units that are not in the same chain of command.  The XOs will then provide horizontal C2 to the other unit (if the XO teams have radios).  

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It depends on whether one is trying to use XO's "realistically" (ie keep em in a safe position ready to take over from the CO if he is KIA) or simply looking to find a use for all those extra HQ units (2IC, Mortar HQ, XO, HQ Support etc) that CM2 gives us (eg: as medic, recon, FO etc).

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