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CMFI Rome to Victory - 2 missing files?

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Just patched to the latest and then purchased CMFI R to V.  I activated it and while everything seems right (started campaign) the "splash page" says I'm missing two files.  CMFI Rome to Victory 210.brz (appears the same files just listed twice but some of the file listing is very hard to read).  I"m not sure if this is a problem or not but figured this would be the place to start asking.

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20 minutes ago, Atago said:

Hi Ultradave, I tried that and no dice.  It still says I have two missing files.  Everything seems to work, tried the campaign start and one battle and then a quick battle.  All seems to be in order game wise. 

nah it will eventually bite you.There are 3 R2V 210 files c, d and e.  Contact the helpdesk and they can sort you out.  210 itself has a,b and c.

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