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Leader seat in BMP-3 and BRM-3K


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Stumbled upon a strange irregularity in taking up Ldr seat in BMP-3 and BRM-3K. If one uses a three-men team to man BMP-3 then after some hacking around one can force one of the three men to occupy the TC seat in normal BMP-3 but there's no way to do the same in BRM-3K. One man of the first three-men team will become an idle passenger in BRM-3K and only if one loads another team in BRM-3K then one of men of this other team will take up the TC seat. Very inconvenient - if one wants more battle awareness then one needs to waste another team.

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But that's still a bit illogical. RL BRM-3K manning consists of the three-men crew and three-men recce group. So BFC manning schema assigns first two men to the crew and the third man to the recce group. And out of the next three men one compliments the crew and the other two go into recce group. Kind of breaking down each team.

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