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On 2/7/2020 at 7:54 PM, DougPhresh said:

Our current plan for filling out Fortress Italy is the following. NOTE THAT THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Nothing here is laid in stone yet.

  • Gothic Line Module (that won't be the actual name for it) that pushes the timeline to the end of the war. Details on it are already present in the first post. Basically this module pushes the timeline to the end, and rounds out missing Commonwealth and German forces.
  • An Italian Forces Pack that adds a ton of Post-Armistice Italian forces to the Allies and Axis sides. Italian partisans, captured Italian equipment in use by Germans, actual Italian military forces operating under Allied and Axis sides, the works. This would be a pretty big Pack that will completely revolve around the Italians. I'm personally super excited for this pack, it will be a lot of fun to make and play.
  • An Elite Forces Pack that includes such things as Commandos and 1st Special Service Force. This would be a pretty small Pack, and may just get rolled into something else. Details are murky at this point.

Hey, more bones!

i thought CMFI, was labelled as done, so this is news to me, is this still on the plan ?

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