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tank miniatures...but they´re made of COBI

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Hi fellow wargamers, I really enjoy a coffee over building some fine COBI miniatures, relaxing activity, perfect for wintertime. My WWII-collection of german forces grows, a good friend of mine collects the allied stuff...one day we´ll put both collections together. ;) I´m really looking forward to christmastime...I´ve the Tirpitz to build, the Leopard II A4, the A7V, Panzer III Ausf. E, Famo, some planes...yeah, I´m ready for christmas. :) My collection so far...to be continued...



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Hi DerKommissar, I´m absolutely into COBI - you won´t find anything better concerning "Klemmbausteine" / LEGO-like-bricks and WWII. Just give the german yt-channel "Held der Steine" a try; it´s in german, but maybe DerKommissar understands it. ;) Otherwise there might be subtitles. He has done a review on the Leopard 2 A4 for example. I´m pretty sure your younger brother would love the COBI-stuff if he´s already into LEGO-like-bricks.

Well...the figurines...some say they don´t look so good... I have no strong feelings one way or the other about them. 

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