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Suggested Reading For The Italian Campaign Please?

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There is Rick Atkinson's The Day of Battle. It is an overview, but also detailed in places.

Carlo D'Este has written two very good books: Bitter Victory is about the Sicilian Campaign and Fatal Decision is about Anzio and the battle for Rome.

Martin Blumenson has written extensively about Sicily and the battles on the Italian mainland. I've read one of those, Sicily, Whose Victory?. Another which I have not personally read but might be the kind of thing you are looking for is Salerno to Cassino.

I haven't read much by British historians about Italy, so I won't try to make recommendations.


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Have a look at these alternatives for some variety. Not saying they are authoritative, but I don’t think they are crap either.


Cassino - Fred Majdalany

The Gothic Line - Douglas Orgill

At War on the Gothic Line - Christian Jennings

War In Italy - Richard Lamb  

Imperial War Museum Book of the War in Italy - Field Marshal Lord Carver

The Long Road Home - Fred Cederburg

Hell and High Water - Lance Goddard


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On 11/20/2019 at 5:54 PM, benpark said:

Primavera 1945 sul fronte italiano. Atlante dei 25 giorni dall'appennino al fiume Po Belogi. Italian and English. A great, CM level book with operational maps at a useful level of detail. And printed large enough (and in color) for eyes that may suddenly now need glasses.

I got a copy of the book as a X-mas treat for myself. Last copy from Amazon UK and at half price too. Will arrive in a week or so. Looking forward to it a lot. Have been away from scenario making too long.

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