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CMFI invisible stealth tanks

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How did you install CMFI, was it with an 'all-in-one' installer or did you install the base game and modules separately ? If you installed them separately, then I would guess you may have missed a patch. The main explanation for what you're seeing is that there is a missing .brz data file. If you purchased the 4.0 Upgrade, then I would suggest, deleting your current install and the install using the 'all-in-one' installer (a download). I have the following .brz files in my CMFI install:

Fortress Italy v100A.brz

Fortress Italy v100B.brz

Fortress Italy v101.brz

Fortress Italy v110.brz

Fortress Italy v110A Gustav Line.brz

Fortress Italy v110B Gustav Line.brz

Fortress Italy v110C Gustav Line.brz

Fortress Italy v111.brz

Fortress Italy v112.brz

Fortress Italy v120.brz

Fortress Italy v200.brz

fortress Italy v201.brz

You can check for these files by (in the Finder), assuming they are installed to a default location, going to Go > Applications > CM Fortress Italy (folder) > highlighting the 'Combat Mission Fortress Italy app and then clicking the 'gear' icon that appears near the top of the folder window > 'Show Package Contents' > Contents > Resources > Data. In here will be the .brz data files and the hotkeys.txt file.

If that doesn't work, then you may possibly have a mod installed that is somehow not functioning properly with CMFI or if you have security software installed it may have quarantined some data (though I don't know how it would reach within an application bundle).

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