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All Campaigns and Missions are missing

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tonight I purchased CM Black Sea but after the game launches, I click on Quick Battle and "Fight" then it takes me back to the main menu and doesn't load.  I click campaign and it's blank.  I click battle and it's blank.  I click "Fight" on any of these and it just takes me back to the main menu...please help...I don't want to think i just wasted $74.


Jay G.

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Hey mate, did you ever get this squared away? I don't like to see posts like this go unanswered, but I don't have much advice.

I suggest submitting a ticket at the help desk, they should be able to help.

My first reaction was you're playing the demo, but you'd have at least the demo scenarios show.

In my experience, most problems like this are linked to the install process, and frankly it's a bit archaic. But that's Combat Mission. For example one mistake I see often is folks attempting to install the game from the compressed downloaded files. Be sure to unpack them first before running the setup. Could have no bearing on your issues, but one thing to look for. I hope you've gotten it sorted, I see it's been nine days since you posted. Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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