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The Commonwealth Troops & ModTag Project

Darknight_Canuck’s Magnum Opus


This project is condensed into seven (7) archives:

DKC – CMBN Campaigns (broken into 4 sub-archives) [22 Campaigns]
DKC – CMBN Scenarios wModTags [175 Scenarios]
DKC – CW Uniforms
DKC – CW Vehicles
DKC – Portraits, Ranks & HQ
DKC – US & German Vehicles
DKC – US Formations & German Uniforms

There is A LOT of work here from other community mod-makers (see the included notes) and I will try to credit everyone for all their original work. If I miss someone, it is not intentional.
Includes mods from: Aris, Mord, Wims, Vein, EZ, MJK, NikMond, Jacquinot, BenPark, Damian, Quintus Sertorius, Tashtego, Umlaut, Egger & Saturnin.

This is no longer just a Commonwealth uniforms and vehicles mod (though that is the main focus). I decided that I would make the mod easily accessible by adding extensive ModTags to every scenario in CMBN that I could find (and which had at least semi-historical units), which makes the mod application seemless. This was the theory…though campaigns posed a more difficult problem, since I do not have access to the uncompiled campaigns (where I could simply add ModTags). For campaigns, I have layered the mods based upon the battle being fought and included notes on when to swap the included .BRZ files (thereby, not spoiling the unit composition for the player).

All CW uniform insignia and vehicle markings are based upon my extensive accumulated research, and therefore any mistakes would be my fault alone but it should be noted that there were sometimes various versions of insignia worn by units at different times/places, so there is room for some variation; also, this is a game, and sometimes graphical additions are made based upon best estimates.

Note: This mod will work perfectly fine with the standard interface, but I would suggest using Juju’s Interface mod and Bergman’s vehicle silhouettes (they are what I use) as there are 1 or 2 graphics from those mods that will make an appearance.

Feel free to include the units with any scenario/campaign releases or add ModTags to these scenarios to take advantage of them, just please remember to credit the community members noted above for their work.

Enjoy — Darknight Canuck [DKC]


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Have you seen the film "Indigenes" referenced in the pic above?  It was called something like Men of Glory in the UK. It's about French African troops fighting in WW2. IIRC they start in Sicily and Italy and then end up in the Battle of the Bulge - some winter campaign in France anyway. It's quite good and gives a different perspective. Good on MJ for doing a reskin....er that doesn't sound quite PC but you know what I mean.

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I remember "Indigenes" as one of the first war movies that I really felt was authentic but those were the days before I was really into the history of WWII.

IIRC, the movie made then French president Mitterand cry and soon after he implemented a law assuring war pensions for soldiers from former colonies which they previously were denied.

Outstanding mod @mjkerner - just tried the "dusty" version and will look at the other ones later on.

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Sahrani Liberation Army
by IICptMillerII

The Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA) is the army of the fictional country of the Democratic Republic of Sahrani from the videogame Arma: Armed Assault made by Bohemia Interactive.
I decided to make this reskin because I’ve always liked the “generic OpFor” look of the SLA. The “lore friendly” loadout of the SLA is mechanized infantry in BMP-2s (Syrian
Republican Guard formation) along with T-72M1s. However, all T-72 variants and the BMP-1 have been retextured as well to allow for flexibility when using the SLA.



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Smaragdadler Unit Portraits CMSF2 v1.2

- added "portrait syr armor" (it's actualy missing in default cmsf2 v1.0, so without my mod your syrian army armor has no unit picture) 

- improved some portrait pictures for better visibility
- added "portrait usa mech infantry"
- changed "portrait syr infantry" for a better one
- added "portrait syr republican guards" (it's the same as "portrait syr republican guard" but default cmsf2 just has it this way)

Delede any previous version of my mod.
Copy the .brz-file in inside your "{userdocs}\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Shock Force 2\Data\Mods\Z folder.




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Are some of these old mods that were only now put on CMMODS?  It would be good to know which are brand new and which are old reposts.

When I looked at the downloads I realized that I already had many of them - some as old as 2008.

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