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Fire and Rubble


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On 4/27/2021 at 9:03 AM, Dan Dare said:

@Battlefront.com all all the staff...This game is incredible...is amazing...it is the game I have always wanterd...brings me back does memories of when I do first discover some small company that got a game call CMBO and I decided to give it a try... on the time that any penny in my pocket counts...this is mind blowing..with the atmosphere, the big and small toys, the ANYTHING it get... I guess i'm becoming insane!! i have just found myself literally crying of joy...just thinking that even it can be improved with upgraded engine #5 and my brain goes nuts...

Welcome to the club. You'll find many of us here share your compulsion. some even exceed it and beta test new releases.

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Finished CMFR To Berlin campaign.

One of the best CM campaigns which I played. Well balanced, historically accurate and tactically diverse. 

Every mission has something of its own. Nice job! 

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