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FoW Trenches leave terrain shadow?

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To utilize the new trenches, i remove some ditches that i used as trench, and placed trenches thinking you have to spot them. But they leave a clear to see shadow on the terrain which defeats the whole idea of them being hidden... ? Is this supposed to be like that?


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Hey IanL, as per PM, i do hope this gets fixed sooner or later because it is like 10 month now where that other thread was made, january this year. The new FoW trenches are cool and everything but the way it is now, they are not "FoW". It is in every scenario 😢

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Based on some feedback I saw on the Steam forum I looked into this. It does appear that it is fixed. Here you can see where the red trenches are and what the US can see during turn 1. No shadows of trenches. If I'm misunderstanding something please point me in the right direction.

Trench 3.png

Trench 2.png


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Hey what a nice surprise.


I see so it does not show for everyone, that is weird. This are 2 screenshots from my steam version(2.03 bfc version looks the same for me). This is few seconds into turn 1, iron FoW setting, you see i spot only a few parts of the trench network but in fact i can see where all of them are, which i clearly should not be able to.

I will attach a dxdiag, maybe that can be of use.






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I see this issue in current BF beta build and have made a report.

16 hours ago, MikeyD said:

There is a difference between trenches as seen in the editor or before startup and trenches once you hit GO, especially if its on uneven ground. I wonder which they're commenting on.

This is not, as far as I can tell, a terrain deformation issue as it happens on perfectly flat ground.  However, perhaps there is still some imperceptible deformation underneath the trenches that is then generating shadows on some systems?

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