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Hey, i am working again/still on CMSF2 version of my big scenario and while playtesting i ran into a weird problem with doors that did not exist on the CMSF(1) version of this map.


You see house 1 and house 2, both have roadside front doors marked with the red arrows. The backdoors that are in the red circles, the troops act like they dont exits at all.

- If i want to move troops into house 1, they run around to the front roadside door(red arrow) and get murdered in the street.

- If i want to move troops into house 2, they run around the corner to the front roadside door(red arrow) and get murdered in the street.

- When i use the engineers in the picture, to blow the back wall of the house 1, they ignore the opening and run around to the front door of house 1 all the same.


What could be the problem? is the only option to replace that houses and redesign the 2 houses? These backdoors exist for the play cause the street is dangerous, they need to work. It was working perfectly fine in CMSF, what did change?

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I stop playtest and did some testing. I delete all red forces in order to move troops around the map more easy, and check several other doors too. Turns out, when i just start the scenario with no red forces, and drive to this house, both doors WORK!? How is that possible?

Can doors be destroyed without visual indication? Why can i not enter the building if i blow out the rear wall? This is very cryptic, as said in the test version with no enemy, when i just drive to this houses and unload troops and want to move them into the houses, both doors work. In my playtest with enemy on the map where it took me like 40 or so turns to get there, they act like the doors dont exist and when i blow out house 1 rear wall, they ignore that too. I am unsure what to do with that. 

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0 to 5 action spots, you can see(pic) the breech team is right up at the wall, if they blow out the rear wall from house 1, they take the whole way around building 2 to reach roadside door of building 1. The two squads that are supposed do go into the houses have like 5 action spots and the other that should go into house 2, you can see the waypoint on the screenshot,  thats like 3 action spots diagonal.

What is the most cryptic thing is that, when i "dry" tested this without enemy on the map so i can just drive there right away to test, the doors work, no issues. A team and squad, no difference, from right up at the wall/corner to further away, i test all that, every time both doors worked.

The only thing i can think of is that with some fighting at this houses, something changed? House 1 was hit by 100mm shell from a T55MV, once or twice. I can not remember house 2 got hit with high explosives. I am not sure if that can "break" something, however when i blow out the rear wall of the house, it should not matter, they should be able to get in.


I restart the map now, maybe that was only a freak incident, i do hope it does not happen ever again, cause A, it takes some 40 to 50 turns to get there in the scenario and B, i dont see any connection to something i could change to fix it. What is bad with this houses, other houses do not have? That is annoying.

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I did have a save there, i reload several times to test different approaches, but now i restart and delete it. I even dublicated the scenario with different name in the editor in order to remove the enemy to "dry" test it more, and to my surprise, the doors worked so something broke both doors in the ~45 turns it took me to get there in the playtest.

Now i start a new playtest, will take me some time to get there again, i do hope the doors work this time. After this i want to make a army/USMC/brit and NATO version of the scenario too, and i at least have to run the scenario 1 or 2 more times with the blue forces, and its a 3 hour scenario so that eat up a lot of time, even if i dont run into such problems.

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