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Matrix new CC game in 3D

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It appears to be a decent effort. As I wrote already: I wish them success!

I was surprised "how much Close Combat" remained in the engine.  Soldiers wandering through 3 meters of concrete into a bunker, e.g.

What I find attractive apart from the mentioned tools (contour lines, LOS fan), is the small size of the maps/battles! This is something that CM could learn something from, IMO, because traditionally two thirds of the battles in CM are unpleasantly large for me.

I would still like to see a new, nicely done 2D tactics game.

The potential did, and does, exist IMHO:
Königstiger at Arnhem | Let's Play Close Combat 2 A Bridge Too Far | #46 Allied

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Much like the Division on which its based on, this game is going through a brutal baptism of fire. Hopefully, it'll learn its lessons quickly.

I spent much of yesterday night playing this game. It's buggy AF! Ironically enough, I feel the 2D ones had higher visual fidelity. Yet, 3D does give a better idea of hills and valleys. I had 3 C2Ds, just playing the main campaign. In addition, streaming the game on Discord crashed the game every time my buddy connected.

All this being said, I found the core gameplay loop engaging. I loved the sound affects, and morale system. Sergeants shouting, "GET BACK HERE!", to a member of the squad running away in sheer horror of a snub-nosed P. 4. I hope they keep polishing it, to resemble something more than an early beta. Because, I can see myself playing this game.

Unless Rome to Victory drops soon -- in which case, I may forget all about the Bloody First.

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