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3 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Very, very cool indeed.  B)

Could we get Germans into an AS.42/ABM.42, I wonder (the intricacies of modding being way beyond my paygrade)?

The TO&E is not moddable. Only Battlefront can modify it. Which is a damn shame since you could be able to correct oversights yourself.

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Or mod the Italian crew so they look (& speak) German.....That way you get the right weaponry  Come to think of it, no you don't, the Germans replaced the Italian LMGs with MG-34s or MG-42s, but they kept the Italian 20mm AA & 47mm AT guns, just to be bloody difficult.  :unsure:

TBH I actually want them in CM:RT most (yes they were a real thing in Russia, albeit not a terribly common one).  ;)

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14 hours ago, Sequoia said:

Nice, but I doubt any Gladiators were still in the theatre in 1943 other than possibly being training aircraft.

Correct.  It was just a sample that I already made that was sitting around on my hard drive.  I have no dedicated Northern Italy stuff - yet - but I do have desert stuff that can be adapted to Northern Italy.  Sample at link - models in the foreground are still WIPs.


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4 hours ago, Geezer said:

Close-up of the FIAT CR42 which was used 'til war's end as a ground attack aircraft.  Some CR42s could be sprinkled around airfields as flavor objects, and if there are no airfields we could make some. 😄

I love those CR.42s.  B)

If you could get one of those into CM:FI, based on a speedy Axis vehicle (so that they can fast move along a 'runway' and then 'take off' in an exit zone) I could come up with scenario that would use them.  ;)

PS - My personal favourite are the night-fighters:


PPS - Come to think of it, with some effort in the editor and a little 'suspension of disbelief' on the part of the player I could probably do something with the Gladiator too.....Once again it would need to replace a speedy British (or, even better, South African, once we have RtV) vehicle.

PM me in our thread if you want to mull the idea over, maybe talk to some of the Heaven & Earth crew.....I'd certainly be glad to help if I can.

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