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Here is What I Dont Understand about BF?

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One element that has genuinely changed for the worse is the loss of ChrisND, and his twitch streams. Those were superb content, both in terms of engaging with the player base and highlighting upcoming

Yes and no...according to MikeyD, BF apparently also incurs a lot of brain damage determining OOBs and TO&Es for formations that I doubt anyone ever uses.  I was simply suggesting that they could

I've been playing Combat Mission equally as long, and I think it's an amazing outfit with wonderful support - I never got so much escapism in my life before. CMSF2 was incredible - a huge leap forward

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Sounds like the under pants gnomes from South park. :)

Obviously not literally since BFC *is* profitable any your steps *look* a lot more logical. But just like the gnomes there are unknowns and risks with many of those steps. In other words it is easy to say and easy to say its easy. But it is not. Steve and Charles have to decide how they want to move forward based on what they want and what challenges they want to tackle.

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7 hours ago, weapon2010 said:


What is that? :P

Steve has posted before on this, they know and appreciate their customer base is a niche market. Though selling more product than they expect is always a good thing they also know roughly the budget they have to work with.

<Economist hat on and a quick google search because it's my lunch break and I'm lazy> In economics, productivity refers to how much output can be produced with a given set of inputs. Productivity increases when more output is produced with the same amount of inputs or when the same amount of output is produced with less inputs. <Hat off>

Never assume having more people on staff means you will produce more. Anyone who's worked for an organisation with 100+ workers and a dedicated Human Resources team knows this first hand. :P 

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Being greedy is liable to get you killed.
There's no guarantee the increased overhead from expansion will be offset by sufficiently higher sales. Admittedly maybe it will be high enough, but if you guess wrong you've just killed your company. Let's remember Kurt Schilling (shudder) losing a whopping 75 million loaned to him from Rhode Island and 50 million of his own money on '38 Studios'. BFC is not about to follow Kurt's example and rent 30,000 sq ft of downtown office space an time soon.... that I'm aware of :unsure:

Plus they did hire additional staff recently, anyway. BFCElvis, with his CM hat perched on his noddle, as been as busy as a one-armed paper hanger these days.

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i'm pretty sure the OP  is not suggesting that BFC should hire something like a hundred people...

but rather one or two...to start with.

Honestly...the productivity of BFC during the last couple of years have been 'dangerously' low...

Being TO SMALL also have its risk...doesn't it ?

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4 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

You're right, your version of the word "too", was too small. It can be a risky business telling BFC what to do.

Especially with all the fans around. Yep. Fanatics, who'll seemingly defend BF for every thing it does, or doesn't do.

IanL's not nicknamed "Defender of the faith" for nuthin'.

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2 hours ago, RepsolCBR said:

Almost...You only missed the dots...😉

Not your fault though...blame it on the keyboard...

"De flesta människor här gör det felet också"



"Don't blame it on my typing, don't blame it on my eyesight. don't blame it on the poor light, blame it on the keyboard". As The Jacksons almost sang.

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1 hour ago, Frenchy56 said:

I don't see what other faith you'd be defending seeing how you usually act when people criticize BF.

Well anyone who knows me IRL would get the irony. So do the testers I'm sure. :)

And providing additional information and attempting to refine criticism into something actionable is a good thing(tm) BTW. :)

Frankly pointing out BS when it appears isn't bad either. Note: that does not apply to this thread but we have all seen them. If someone gets triggered by that - yawn. Again not this thread.:)

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2 hours ago, Frenchy56 said:

I don't see what other faith you'd be defending seeing how you usually act when people criticize BF.

Considering all the assistance he provides for other users and the degree he communicates stuff within the confines allowed I think that is a grossly unfair representation of his participation in this forum. 

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Getting back to the OP, the first question you should be asking is does BF want to be producing more. Obviously we pretty much all have the view that we can never get enough. However from BFs view getting larger may be exactly what they don’t want. Granted I think things are going a bit slower than they’d like right now, but a lot of that is tied to specific projects. CMSF2  (which suffered from some mission creep, but the end result was worth it) and CMFI (which will likely go into the lessons learned column but will still be worth it in the end as a unique product). Once CMFI is out the door I would hope the plumbing throughput should improve. 

I doubt either Charles or Steve is interested in spending more time in people management. 

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