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CMFI Rome To Victory Beta AAR - Indian Infantry / South African Armour


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Minute 0:44-0:43:

More shells fall – not on my men.



But that AT gun gets its revenge. Most of the mortar team are casualties.



Over on the left another Stug is spotted this time on the road just across the bridge. But its gun is covering the approach to the bridge.



The infantry on the left spot something else too – a Panther turret bunker. This is likely the mystery gun that took out the Sherman earlier.



And more bad news – another 88. This time right near the bridge.



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Minute 0:43: Orders

With lots of new targets to deal with the first order of business is to bring the artillery. Starting with a linear barrage from two 81mm mortars that should cause problems for both the 88 AT gun and the Stug.



I will pull back the tank on the left to since he can see but cannot hit the Panther turret bunker. I worry that the bunker will be able to see the tank. If the tank pulls back it can either get a LOF or be safer from the bunker.



To deal with the bunker I will bring up the A Co HQ to bring some artillery to bare.


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4 hours ago, Holien said:

Hi Ian out of interest why the extended 81mm line from the 88 to the stug?

Are you hoping for a lucky Tank commander kill?

Good question. Mostly so I can threaten both of them with one call instead of two. I justified it in my head that there could also be infantry hiding on the road too but really it was so I didn't have to bring up another HQ unit to start the second call and wait even longer.

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