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CMFI Rome To Victory Beta AAR - Indian Infantry / South African Armour


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2 hours ago, Holien said:

Duck and Cover....

Nice shot of the Stug wonder how that duel will go...

They are really difficult to use in a built up area, so you have that edge and that you know where it is...

Oh I am totally planning to *avoid* that duel right now. I sent that tank up there to deal with the bunker and stay out of sight of that Stug. Dealing with that Stug is going to take multiple tanks and multiple angles and maybe some artillery. So, not going to happen while scrambling to get way from enemy artillery :)

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2 hours ago, rocketman said:

Would it be possible to get a shot at what you can see of the Stug, if you advance? It looks like if it spots you and turns to face you, its fixed gun will be blocked by the house.

This is that shot. If I moved 50m or so up the hill this is what the LOS looks like. Yes, it does look like its LOF would be blocked. I am not sure I would take that risk though. Just a small move forward would change that.

7 hours ago, IanL said:

Just for fun I check to see how much further the tank could move before being in danger. About 50m NW




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37 minutes ago, IanL said:

This is that shot. If I moved 50m or so up the hill this is what the LOS looks like. Yes, it does look like its LOF would be blocked. I am not sure I would take that risk though. Just a small move forward would change that.


I meant shot on the Stug, not a screenshot 😉 but it seems you got my idea anyway.

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17 hours ago, Holien said:

The angle does look like you should with careful movement bag it without it being able to return fire...


That would be a serious loss to the Germans.

Temptation is how you end up in trouble. I'm going to wait for more angles on that position and perhaps some artillery to get it to move. I have not decided yet for now I'll just make sure to avoid it.

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2 hours ago, Rinaldi said:

A few ugly turns Ian, though from your recce it seems he has a lot of heavy assets up front. I do wonder if he has as many assets in depth as he'd like you to believe. My money is on no. 

And it gets uglier too. I am sure I have a larger force but I don't want to be reckless with it. I don't even know where the AT gun that took out my tank is located. But even that is on the back burner after this next turn...

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Minute 0:49-0:48:

2nd Platoon's transport cannot get it into gear fast enough and a round lands right next to their trucks. Both trucks are disabled and a roughly 10 men become casualties right away.



As they try to take cover more shells land. They take more casualties.



Everyone else pulls back successfully.



Including across the fords. I think this is a result of the enemy using TRPs. They clearly have one near the woods opposite the town but do not have them in the woods on the hill at KT3. So B company can with draw once spotting rounds are seen but A Co just do not have the time to get away.



Speaking of spotting rounds two more land. This is a composite image showing them bracketing the bunker at KT3 (the first at 20s into the turn and the second at 55s). So it looks like they are not targeting the woods where my men are but are targeting the hill top where my FO is heading. Oops. I sincerely hope that the enemy FO cannot see the spotting round #2 in below and that will delay fire for effect just a little longer.



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Minute 0:48: Orders

Get the FO and the initial scout team off of KT3. Fast fast.



The tank I sent to attack the bunker just spotted it as the turn was ending. For good measure I will give the tank an explicit target order.



A view of 2nd platoon A Co. They are in bad shape. None of them are are accepting orders and they are at about 50% causalities including their leader Lt. Bhola Singh



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That is not a good two minutes for my force. With two platoons at or near 50% casualties you could argue that that should be the end of their day and they should be withdrawn and the attack ended.

But aren't going to do that because the product has not been released yet. :) I think I'll end up having to use the engineers and the remaining men from A Co to take the town but that will have to wait until the artillery stops and I come up with a plan to push through the TRP into the sights of that AT gun. It seems Bud has this area well defended. There may not be a lot of forces but they have been effective.

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Everyone I have a small announcement. My moving company showed up four days earlier than expected. What does that mean for this AAR? I'm glad you asked. I went from four days with some time off and a working computer with time to setup my backup computer, to a computer packed up in storage and my backup not ready yet. Not to mention a big scramble to get everything done. 

It could be as late as Tuesday before my backup computer is setup to keep playing. So watch this space and be patient. Sorry for the delay.

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5 minutes ago, Holien said:

No worries, moving home is pretty stressful, so I was surprised you got any time to play...

Good opportunity to de clutter and get rid of things you never use or really don't need.

OMG did we ever. First when we decluttered to show the house. Then before packing. We have sold and given away so much stuff and recycled and threw out even more.

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Minute 0:48-0:47:

First shot seems to hit the bunker on the plateau near KT5. That is good news but it is the last...



The tank is hit and destroyed.



A few moments later someone spots why. Yikes. I wish my men had seen that before it fired.



Meanwhile the barrage I feared was aimed at KT3 or my men in the woods along the hill turns out to be aimed at the treeline in front of them. My guess is the enemy is trying to block my advance.



Meanwhile the barrage falling on A Co in the woods near the village continues, as do the casualties.



Minute 0:47: Orders

First things first what can I use to fire on that newly spotted AT gun. It turns out the scout team near the tank has a 2in mortar. It's not much but lets get them firing.



Now that we know the men of B Co are not under the barrage I send them back into the woods. They will position themselves in defilade again. Here is a shot of the orders for the FO to get back to KT3.



Some of 2nd platoon A Co are able to take orders – get out of the barrage.



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