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CMFI Rome To Victory Beta AAR - Indian Infantry / South African Armour


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Minute 0:56-0:55:

Now the 105 Sherman can see the bunker. And it opens fire.



The first shot is long but you can see the bunker occupants are running away.



The infantry recon continue to cross the ford...



...and scout the woods.



The infantry from A Co and tanks are forming up in front of the fords. Once the way is clear they can cross.



Meanwhile the infantry from B Co and thier tanks are forming up along the road.


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Minute 0:55: Orders

Finish off the bunker.



Continue forming up along the road.



Reposition the recon elements to get more visibility.



Continue with reconnaissance of the woods overlooking the fords.



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Minute 0:55-0:54:

The bunker takes some hits.



The tank crew can just see the top of a recoilless rifle behind a wall near the bunker.



Infantry recon – with their tank support scout the forest.



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Minute 0:54: Orders

Since there are known threats in the town the tanks on the other side of the ford position themselves to protect the flank of the scouts. Here moving into a hull down position relative to the area near the bunker.



The armoured reconnaissance move up more elements.



The scouting of the forest is complete – now we need to get eyes on the area behind the hill.



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Minute 0:53: Orders

Crawling to the edge of the forest.



What the view will be like.



Sending some scouts to the highground.



Recon by fire.



Moving the battalion HQ and supporting elements forward. Pioneers joining A Co and the mortar HQ joining B Co.




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Minute 0:52: Orders

More area fire.



A platoon of A Co disembarks and takes up position in the woods. They can move forward towards the town in the cover of some trees in the coming minutes.



There is still some work to do to get scouts in position to observe the plateau.



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1 hour ago, Bil Hardenberger said:

Nice presentation @IanL.. I do wish you had shadows turned on though... and you are still showing a lot of tree-poles.  I'll send you a PM as well.


Shadows are off!?!?! Oh crap I'll turn then on. I have one more turn in the bag with them off.

I never play with them off and I did not intend to have them off. In fact I am not sure how they ended up off at all. I feel bad I didn't notice.

As for trees as poles: they will be like that in every orders shot - so you can see what I am doing. My intention is to have trees (and shadows) on for every playback shot. If I miss some - oops - I am sure no one will be serious hurt or die :)


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Minute 0:52-0:51:

Ouch things start to go sideways quickly. A lead tank is hit and destroyed by a unidentified AT gun.



The tank with a whole in it just under its main gun and the crew taking cover.



Infantry unload from their trucks and head into the woods.



The scout team near the bunker on KT3 spot something off in the distance.



Look what is peaking between the buildings – a Stug.



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Minute 0:51-0:50:

Taking and receiving fire. The recon vehicle is not harmed.



Recon by fire continues.



More infantry from B Co head towards the woods.



There is no sign of the AT gun that hit my tank last turn. No hint at all of where it must be. On top of that the shriek of artillery is heard. No impacts yet.

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11 hours ago, Holien said:

Like waiting for buses, you wait all weekend and then they all turn up at once...

LOL yeah. Real life has me pretty busy on the weekends. We are getting ready to move.

11 hours ago, Holien said:

Will you find the AT gun by providing it more target practice?

Man I hope not :)

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Minute 0:50-0:49:

Those artillery shrieks result in direct hits in the woods.



Men go down. Many many men.



Three platoon is devastated. The mortar tea is reduced to one man. Two sections take multiple capitulates. Only one section does not end the turn shaken.

The scouts across the ford spot a bunker. It appears to be occupied. Interestingly it also seems to be facing the road from the town not the hill where the scouts are.



As the turn winds down another artillery barrage is heard. This time a spotting round lands between my scouts and the bunker they just spotted.



Here is a wider view. Scouts below and centre and the bunker to the upper right. Spotting round is to the left in the next tree line.



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Minute 0:49: Orders

A Co and its supporting tanks pull back. All vehicles reverse away. The lead section of 3 Platoon will actually go forward out of the barrage and the mortar team will head for the barn. No one else is taking instructions.



Given the spotting rounds the scouts on the hills near KT3 also pull back.



Whit the exception of a tank that will move up to try to get LOF on the newly spotted bunker.



I check that the tank can do that without taking fire from known positions in the town. Here is how: set camera position 2 scroll wheel two notches down (bun barrel level for a Sherman) and position the camera just at the end of its move order....



...then click away to deselect and zoom in on where the Stug in town is located. I cannot see it.



Just for fun I check to see how much further the tank could move before being in danger. About 50m NW



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