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CAAR - CMFI Rome To Victory Beta - The Kirpan & the Rhino

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1 hour ago, General Jack Ripper said:

It's much easier, and far more fun to read these when each panel of the comic is not separated from each other by ten comments about how great everything is.

Just take it as read that dead silence means we are enjoying the proceedings enough to not disturb the pacing and tension of the story.

:lol: That is true though in the past it didn’t stop people from adding to the thread - and I don’t mind at all that they do. ;)

1 hour ago, General Jack Ripper said:


The tallest building on the map is a great observation point, but your enemy is fully aware of that fact as well.

I haven’t forgotten. The men near the wrecked bunker on the ridge likely could see the tower, but until something bigger comes along to shoot at it I won’t worry. 

47 minutes ago, General Jack Ripper said:

By my estimate, the FlaK 88 has a cross sectional area of a small barn.

If you can spot a building, you can spot an 88.

Tell that to the Sherman crew.. ;)


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All right, time for another behind the curtain view of what is going on and what I hope to do about it. 

The mortar and 88 fire on the crew and accompanying infantry that maybe was next to the Sherman the 88 killed gets clobbered. There were more crosses at various points but this was quite satisfying:




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If you remember, Ian had men near the decoy bunker on the ridge. I suspected they might be artillery observers. At the very least they were some scouting element, and I was going to have my mortar team hit them but they withdrew before I could even fire. I’m not sure what spooked them, but I have Kurt’s split 3rd squad in the woods on my side of the ridge and the team that lost a man and then went up the ridge toward that decoy bunker may get me a view of what is going on.

What surprises me is that I don’t have almost any contacts near the decoy bunker. My 105 barrage was supposed to catch a lot of enemy troops there and instead I killed one of my own men because the shifting of fire took too long. 

In any case, my spotter in the village, despite Ian’s bombardment, can see a few tanks and infantry and a lot, really a lot of contacts, in the woods on the ridge more toward the map edge where his Sherman was destroyed by the 88. You can see below my new 105mm orders. It seems to me he is hoping to flank the hamlet, and take it without interference from my forces in the town. 

The inset shows the team from 3rd squad that will crawl forward to the edge of the woods to see if I can confirm my conclusion. 



As a final way to make him bleed infantry I have another spotter in the village with LOS to the back side of the ridge and he will direct 81mm mortar fire where I can’t get the 105s to land. With luck, I may catch him there and even the odds somewhat...



The village itself has lost the 88 ammo bunker, which was empty, and is under continual fire from a smaller number of tanks (I think my 120mm barrage may have made him nervous to have so much exposed there). The fire has cost me 3 men, if I’m not misremembering, and some buildings have sustained heavy damage but how I’ve moved people now, the fire is ineffectual. 

My overall losses are about 5 men. I can’t know what the 120mm fire on the forces near the village did but given some armour was withdrawn, I assume it was at least somewhat effective. Perhaps Ian has lost two squads or with luck, a full platoon. He’s lost two Sherman 105s, and a bit more infantry on the ridge itself. All this is nice, but I know he hasn’t brought his full capability to bear. 

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