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Soldier Balaclava Template

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I made this .psd template of soldier balaclavas for Black Sea if anyone wants to play with it further. I haven't uploaded it as a mod because I'm only using 1 style and I thought uploading this would offer people more flexibility but you will probably need Photoshop to edit it.


download link shortly, uploading a ton of other stuff to google drive, so soonish, it's queued up etc...

russian-soldier-skin copy copy.jpg

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Sorry for the delay, haven't checked this in a while.

The template contains all the faces from black sea for Ukraine and Russian forces. So you can select any face and balaclava combination you want and then create the .bmp texture for use in game.

I shouldn't have expected everyone to have or know how to use, Photoshop or GIMP etc (I think GIMP is free). If you want to play with the .psd you will need one of these applications and it should be straightforward once you get used to these programs and working in layers. If not, I guess I could do it for you. You'll have to let me know exactly what you want though.


For example, do you want a mix of all styles for the russian side, but with more 3-hole masks? Or just all 3-hole masks?

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15 hours ago, Ithikial_AU said:

I made something similar for myself. Half way through creating 'night' faces for all nationalities for CMSF2. Mix of balaclavas and guys running around with face paint. Handy thing to have though.

By all means please share when ready! The more the merrier😁

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@Ithikial_AU Oh yes! Is there a chance for us that you share your work?


(then I don't have to do it by my self ;-))


@Jace11 Looks good! Especially these ones whith not full covered faces ("nose-free")! Are you planing to make more of these (maybe other colors (colours???)?

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Just now, BarendJanNL said:

Phew, these look so nice! Beautiful combination of faces! Because this is in the CMBS forums, any chance this mod will also be released for CMSF:2? Would love to see NATO forces with this also..

I'm doing the CMSF2 nations. Nothing stopping them working in CMBS as well.

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