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Stuart secret technology

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I witnessed something truly amazing. I had a Stuart closing with the enemy, knee deep in canister shot, when all the sudden it transported itself twice. Only a few feet both times. I was wondering if anyone else has witnessed this Stuart transporter defensive device or is it possibly a little bug? 😝😀

I will upload a save in a bit. I would also like to say CMFI, like the other games, is amazing. But like the other titles I have observed crazy infantry behavior. No matter what title, it seems infantry has a hard time walking near walls, low shrubs, bocage, etc. In CMFI I have notice infantry on the wrong side of a wall while moving or fighting. Even though I gave them an order to stay on one side of the wall. Not game breaking, just beating a dead horse it would seem, with a lot of topics addressing infantry lately. Anyway lads, good day!!!

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The wall thing can be a bit of a pain in the 'arris. I think that it happens because walls, fences, etc are placed running down the middle of an AS, or diagonally across them. Whereas movement paths go from AS to AS. Perhaps someone with map editing skills can offer a fuller explanation in due course.

As for Stuarts, in my book the only good Stuart, is a dead Stuart.


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