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How important is upgrade 4 to CMRT?

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CMRT was enjoyable straight out of the box with version 1.0. If you don't want to patch the game you don't have to. I just cant fathom turning down a free patch that improves the product. The windows patch is 69 megs to download which isn't very much these days. Google dumps 150 megs into my temp folders every time I use Chrome to surf the internet. ^_^ 

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I think it helps in two main ways: 1) the Hull Down command introduced in 4.0 can be very useful in the tank-heavy scenarios of CMRT, and 2) Soviet squads are generally better off unsplit, so the improved spacing in v4 keeps them alive more effectively (and makes it more realistic looking compared to the old conga lines). To me the other parts don't make as big a difference. Corner peeking looks cool but I don't recall it making a huge difference in any CMRT scenarios I've played.

CMRT did suffer from the fleeing-from-fortifications bug before 4.01, but of course it was never affected by the single-shot Bren/BAR/Breda problem.

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