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Suggestion on how to improve quick battle unit purchases

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I don't play QBs that often but every time I do I usually end up with "so that's what I got" after purchasing my units and the battle starts. I have a fair understanding, but the composition of squads, equipment, weapons, amount of ammo etc is impossible to keep in mind.

When making scenarios in the editor there is the "deploy units" feature which basically is putting the purchased units where you want them on the map. The unit purchase for scenario making and QBs is identical as far as I can tell. In QBs there is the "preview map" feature. Would it be possible to port over the "deploy units" feature to QBs so that you not only get to preview the map, you would be able to preview the units currently purchased and that would bring an opportunity to change your mind in time. Deployment should be limited to your setup zone so not to be able to abuse figuring out LOS too much from the oppo side.

Would this be possible tech wise? I know for sure it would make QBs much more appealing for me.

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It would also be preferable imo if...when in the deployment phase (in-game 3d wiew) we could click a button on the UI to open a seperate window showing the 'purchased unit list' from the unit selection screen.

This would be kind of an OOB list to help orginazing and deploying the troops.

As it is now when we go to deploy our troops they ALL show up bunched together in...a big mess ! 😉 Having larger forces it can take quite some time to get them seperated and orginazed the way you like them. The set-up zone can also be fairly cluttered with all the troops on the screen at ones.

What i'm thinking is that the 'purchased units list' ( OOB-list) should have its listed units clickable...Only the units toggled on will be displayed on the screen.  This would make finding your desired units far easier when deploying them...

Let's say you have bought a battalion. At first you want to deploy your AT-guns and machineguns....Select those units from the list...and only those units will be present on the screen...making it easy to find them and deploy them. Next...lets deploy A company...Select it from the list and it will show up...ready to be deployed 😊...




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this bunching up of units in quick battles bothers me too. I think your idea is a good one. I would also like to see a feature for reinforcments. perhaps making them cheaper but can only enter after a reasonable amount of time has passed. this would also help with clutter.

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I do this now by double clicking the units, so the game then selects the squads in that group with their command team. For small battles it is OK for me. But as I play realtime and because of teams that become ineffective during battle; squads often end up far away from their command team.

One small thing that does not really help: When selecting and moving a group in the deployment phase, whenever some unit falls outside the targetted part of the deployment zone, it remains in its original location, whilst the rest of the group gets moved to the selected new position. It happens often. I think this could work better.

I currently have one other remaining complaint about the Quick Battles, which I mentioned before. It is the 'Mix' auto force selection handling of 'Battle-Taxi's'. It is most obvious with the CMSF2 Marines faction, where it usually offers loads of AAVP-7s, but not the teams to go with them.


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While I am at it - With a QB 'meeting engagement' it seems impossible to get Axis and Allies to switch deployment sides. Like Axis forces are always on the same side of the map. But for Attack scenarios one is free to decide on this, so why not for meeting engagements as well?


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