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Hi.  I'm new to Fortress Italy (but a long-time CM fan going all the way back to Beyond Overlord).  I'm enjoying the game, but I have noticed two bugs that SEVERELY compromise realism, balance and fun.

1.  Routed troops tend to set of on a long trek that often takes them TOWARD danger, and usually leads to their annihilation.  Shouldn't they move TOWARD the nearest cover and hunker down, or else move TOWARD friendly troops, or TOWARD the last location where they were safer.  Anything but this aimless hike to oblivion.

2.  Allied squads lack firepower because their squad automatic rifles (Bren and BAR) won't suppress properly.  They default to single action mode and act like snipers.  Really, try it.  This comes close to being a game-breaker all by itself.

Any hope of a fix, or have the developers abandoned this one and moved on?


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