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Scenario RDM - Colossal Crack - CW

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It's been a while, but gettting back into the game has been fun as always. We need more scenarios and a North African Afrika Korps version of the game is defintely way too long in the making. 

RDM - Colossal Crack - CW

This original scenario has been randomized and expanded so that no two games will play alike, and so you and the AI opponent have more forces at your disposal making for a more intense experience. There are 5 different AI plans and all reinforcements have been set for random deployment times.

As this is an alteration of an existing scenario you can expect to play the same objectives and general flow of the battle but with more opposition and some surprises. The reinforcements have been designed to keep you on your toes and to counter those of your AI opponent. However don't get complacent or throw away your forces - you will need them.

You will need the CW pack for CMBN to play this scenario.

This is one of my favourite scenarios/maps from the CMBN game and it has Panthers, so I just had to do some tinkering with it.

Feedback welcome and appreciated. you can email me at xxnightopsxx@gmail.com

Thanks to the scenario author for the original scenario and Battlefront for one of the best and most unique war game simulations around. Keep up the good work. 

Download from here:


Or here:


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