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Very good photos, if a trifle underexposed in some cases...but that's easily fixable in Photoshop. The main thing that struck me is the powerful sense of immediacy in most of them. They made me feel as if I were really there, viewing all this stuff in this location.

A couple things stood out strikingly. One was the breadth of beach that the heavily laden troops had to cross under withering fire. They sure could have used some LTVs. The second thing is the gentleness of the slopes of the bluffs. They were easily scalable and less heavily defended than the draws. One wonders how the battle might have gone if more of the troops had been landed opposite them. Joseph Balkowski reports in his book on the battle that the battle was actually turned when a small unit was landed there by mistake, made its way to the top and then was able to attack the draws from the rear.

Thanks so very much, Léopold, you've done good work this day.



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