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The Passage At Wilcox scenario

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Just wanted to report that this is a very good (conventional) scenario - possibly my favorite of all CMSF scenarios.

I usually play campaigns almost exclusively.  But, I played Wilcox when CMSF2 first was released and only had time to get halfway thru.  I remembered enjoying it and just now completed the scenario.  Interesting mix of units and capabilities.  Good map and situation with lots of tricky tactical decisions to make.  

Well worth the time to play.

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4 hours ago, Erwin said:

yur welcome...  due to travel schedule and new responsibilities, have hardly any time to play - only have time for the very best entertaining scenarios - and yours are some of the most reliable.

hope you are still designing new stuff... 

Thank you - good to be appreciated :)

Aye working (very slowly) on some stuff as like you new responsibilities have curtailed my available time.

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On 7/12/2019 at 5:30 AM, George MC said:

Cheers Erwin - glad you enjoyed it. I did a bit of reworking this for CMSF2. So nice to hear the work has paid off. 

Hey Erwin & George MC - I'm wondering if I should be seeing "The Passage At Wilcox" as part of my CMSF2 purchase?

@37mm has a dropbox archive of CMSF scenarios that includes something that looks like "The Passage At Wilcox" I played in the demo - but it's not the same and isn't updated?  It's called "Tactical Vignette 99-2 The Passage at Wilcox SF2.btt"

I am going blind or is there somewhere I can get the btt file that was part of the October 2018 demo release?  Or is that as simple as re-downloading the demo and getting the btt file out of the demo folders?

Thanks for all the work folks like you do to add great value to CM games.

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