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Here's some helmet p0rn for you all but especially Frenchy ;) - pure filth!



Announcing (taken from the readme) ...

Lucky_Strike’s - SS helmets

This mod uses the superb work of Tashtego, Jaquinot, EZ, JorgeMC and of course Battlefront, as a starting point. It unashamedly borrows, amalgamates and hacks their work plus adds some brand new textures inspired by genuine WW2 Waffen SS helmet covers and camouflage ‘effects’, as well as some ‘probable’ applications. There are 15 possible helmets all numbered and ready to install and enjoy, or hack some more if you prefer!

I design these mods for my personal gaming experience. I use a custom version of BarbaricCo’s WarMovie shaders ADVANCED v.112 for CMBN. Below you can see what the mods look like in game with some of EZ’s fantastic uniform mods. Please don’t expect the colours within your own game setup to look exactly like they do in the preview images.


Files are at CMMODS III here

Lots more preview images - go knock yourselves out!

All thanks and praise to Tashtego, Jaquinot, EZ, JorgeMC and anyone else I forgot for their original mods, help and inspiration, and of course to the guys at Battlefront for such a great and enduring game.



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4 hours ago, Aragorn2002 said:

Looking great, Lucky! Link doesn't work anymore, probably due to work in progress on the site itself. Could you PM me this mod please?

Hi Aragon2002 I believe this is what you're looking for ... SS Helmets on CMMods IV

Thanks for pointing out the broken link, I'll try to edit the original post to point to the right place



Edited by Lucky_Strike
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