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Question before buying bundle

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CM1 was released in 1998 and the last module in the early 2000's.  It's highly unlikely that any machine made in 2014 onwards will have a problem with running the CM1 programs.  But, I am not a Mac person, so don't know if there is anything bad in your set-up.

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I assume this question is probably in the wrong location, this sub-form is tech support for the CM1 games (CMBO, CMBB and CMAK). The CM1 series of games do NOT run on MacOS 10.x. The Mac versions were only compatible with MacOS versions 9.x and 8.x. In order to run the CM1 games you would need a Boot Camp partition on your Mac to run Windows (with a Windows version of the game(s)). They MIGHT work with Parallels, but I'm not sure of that (again with a PC version of the games).

I assume the subject is actually about the later CM2 games such as CMBN and later (which have 'bundles' that include modules such as Market Garden, etc.). Those should generally run OK with your MacBook Pro. Larger scenarios might be a bit slow (graphics performance-wise) depending on the resolution you're running at.

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I can verify that the Windows version of the CMx1 series runs well in Boot Camp on a Mac. I’ve run all of the CMx1 and CMx2 series since 2003 on my Macs. I haven’t used Parallels since before the games were released, so I can’t speak to whether they would work on an emulator.

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