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4 km x 2 km map uploaded here under the title Panzer Lehr at Pont Hebert and also at Green as Jade's site. I have posted the necessary new building skins at the repository as well. Look there. Sorry for this repost but the other title did not attract much attention and I wanted people to be aware of a fantastic new map. The map can be cropped into smaller sections to create your own scenarios.


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I may be able to post the high-detail map within the next two weeks. The only difference is more flavour objects, more variation in ground tiles and crops. And a LOT longer load time. Not all the details are in place yet. Presently I am working on creating an H2H scenario for the low-detail map involving II Bn 902 Panzer Grenadier Lehr and US 3/120 Rgt 30 Inf Div and Z force of CCB.

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