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just popping by, to say hi. And of course, a HAPPY NY 2020 guys to you all. 

Was abit quite from play testing :) due to some heavy work loads. Now bit better / smoother.

Been a while since I Schwacked some... Was there any major progress in the campaign of all this ? I can see the maps are wonderfully made !

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Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support. 🙂 I've learned a lot since I laid the first tile down on Tal Malah. All of my maps are going to reflect this in the campaign, and stand alone once th

Hi All! Hope you had a great weekend. Time for a quick update. Our first 4k x 4k master map of Al Arbaeen and Al Zaka is coming along nicely so I thought I'd post a couple of in-progress shots:

Quick update: Kafr Nabudah 4k is coming along nicely. Qasabiyeh, Kabani, and Tal Malah have been updated internally for the campaign. Here's some in-progress shots of Kabani after the elevation r

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Tal Othman continued>

Hezbollah fighters moving up, after repelling yet another HTS attack.


Meanwhile, 9K111 operator engages a T 72M. Distance to target: 1300 meters. Missile flight time ~8 seconds. The operator is being encouraged by militia machinegunner.


The missile is fired.


The missile flies straight to its target.


Target hit!


The tank is knocked out. Turret crew evacuates, no sign of the driver - mechanic.


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I've just finished Tal Malah. Great battle, sent innumerable takfiris to their virgins.

I really like playing the Syrians. This was much better than Red v Red QBs. Although I felt the first stages of the battle went well, as it wore on, my forces were getting attrited, and a few mistakes, coupled with low ammo meant that I was worried about being over-run, especially as it seemed there were some Jihadi reinforcements coming into play.

So I was surprised when the victory screen came up. An SAA total victory.

The addition of armour, arty made the uncons a force to be reckoned with. I can certainly recommend this battle. In a H2H I think the Jihadis would have a significant chance of winning.

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On 7/23/2019 at 10:50 PM, Liveload said:

Hope everyone is having a great day. Without further adieu, here is the Blue Attack scenario and my newest map, Attera: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wb4y9c0cupkssip/attera - blue attack.btt?dl=0

Had some issues wth this one.....The main body was engaged by ATGMs immediately on arrival, with fairly catastrophic results.  Is that supposed to happen? 

Also the briefing does not tell you where the main body will arrive.....I'd assumed they would be following the recon detachment.

A small setup zone for the player would probably help too.

The map though is awesome!  B)

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