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Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread

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I'm not so sure how useful this will be for this particular project however with a slight hex edit you can transfer CMA maps & scenarios pretty easily into CMSF2... from what I can tell everything is transferred pretty much intact, even the units & their AI plans (however, obviously, the units are all wrong... you get US Marine Vehicle crews as Mujahadeen RPG teams for instance).


Combing the Green Zone

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The mod package is for scenarios set in a fictional country. Either way, here's another look at what we've come up with so far...  

Inspired by the work of @Zveroboy1 on the ANA, I decided to try out a few things with the Syrian Airborne. This is the result... It's rudimentary at the moment & with many plac

@Sgt.Squarehead - as I've said before I think, stop noodling around with your stuff.  There comes a point where chasing the 1% is counter-productive.  Tidy them all up, write the briefings and square

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8 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

PS - Will the helicopters lean over if you put a dink in the terrain underneath them?  I often do this with vehicle wrecks, to make them look more, well, wrecked.  ;)

Yes they will - banged a couple of large shell craters and a couple of junk Flavour Objects down … thanks for the idea and have a like.


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Great to see more people taking an interest in the mod.....Maybe we should open that Map-Maker's thread after all? 


Is that my Afghan Town map?  :o

TBH that probably looks better than it does in CM:A!  :D  If you send me the converted map, I'll take a look at giving it a more comprehensive makeover (post delta handover).

PS - We still really need a flat-topped brick building for these urban/industrial areas, two styles would be better IMHO (if at least one of them matched one of the sloped roof options, we could make some very complex structures).

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Thanks Ben, that means a lot coming from you.....Seriously.  B)

The terrain-only master map (for use by @puje) is essentially finished, I've asked my collaborators to look it over, but I've been pretty thorough. 

I will be making a variant or two for my own use, at least one of which will be the full map, with the addition of lots of 'Heaven & Earth' flavour objects.

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1 hour ago, benpark said:

You guys have any of these yet?

Although I'd love to play around with such .mdr's unfortunately, because Heaven & Earth is primarily a red vs red conversion, we're limited by a small selection of mds's.

Syrian Reserve, Mechanized, Republican Guard & Airborne all share the same .mds & helmet .mdr.

As far as I can tell there are no equipment .mdr's that are exclusively used by the reserves.

As such the best we could do was give our Peoples Army alpha'ed out helmet textures (they fight bareheaded).

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20 hours ago, benpark said:

Ah. I missed the part where it wasn't "Vietnam", but red vs. red.

We've got as close as we can, shared voice-files are probably the biggest issue I suspect.....We either have Vietnamese or we have English (not sure if we could link this to tags so that the player will only hear the appropriate language, @37mm would know, but I suspect not though, or he'd probably have done it already).

It wouldn't take too much effort to further modify this mod to a hypothetical Korean conflict or other Asian scenario......I'm sure @37mm would be willing to advise anyone who fancied undertaking such a venture).

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Now that I finished the logo, I started working on the design for the Heaven and Earth User Manual [ work in progress ]. Thoughts on which direction I should continue to develop?
Once the cover is set, the inside will reflect the tone and mood of the cover.






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12 hours ago, xacto said:

Thoughts on which direction I should continue to develop?

I like the first, camo, version.....It's suitably ambiguous, whereas the second seems to imply the availability of US units.....To me at least.

I'd be interested to know where you found the silhouette, it's a direct copy of an old ESCI 1/72 figure (or vice versa):


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