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Uboat game key

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I didnt think it would as its a legit thing in the GDF forum.  Its not a sale - someone is *gifting* a key.  Feel free to report me friend. I did *think* and I disagree with your opinion frankly.  I never in my 20 years posting here have sold anything or acted like anything was a swap meet. Nor have I propagated posts where people sell legal or illegal stuff.

This is a WW2 sim that someone is *gifting* keys out to people who are enthusiastic but may have financial difficulties.  If many including you my friend hadnt gifted me stuff in the past Id never have played RT onwards.

All due respect to you.

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gifting you CM stuff is different than gifting other games and don't get so uptight.  I'm not pushing the super duper alert button or anything, was just suggesting this isn't really appropriate here.  This is a Battlefront forum, not craigslist or facebook.  But hey I don't make the rules and if BF isn't objecting I could just be out in left field.  I typically am. :P 

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