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I have added a couple of extras as a bonus to the pack :


- 4 portraits, Mord style

- a HQ icon for the soldier's panel to match the ones created by Vin.

- a list of Afghani names to replace the Syrian names

Also I have removed the string.txt from the mod. All it did was add the new weapon names when you hover your mouse over the weapon icons in the soldier panel. But every patch broke it so in the end I decided it wasn't worth the hassle. If you already had a previous version of the ANA mod installed, make sure you delete the string.txt file located in the following folder :
ak74m to M16/Sound & script.


Download ANA pack v2.03


The dropdown link in the very first post of the thread also points to the same rar as the link above.

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On 10/6/2020 at 12:54 AM, Zveroboy1 said:

I added a modtag to it so now you can just leave the mod in your mod folder and not have to worry about having to swap it in and out. This is probably going to be my last update for it unless I made a mistake somewhere.



Do these tags work for taliban too?

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If you want both Afghan National Army and Taliban in a scenario you need to add [taliban] and [ana] without brackets to the modtag file in the editor. Each mod has its own tag.

Here is what I usually use :


Yeah I could have used a single modtag for all the Afghanistan related mods but I chose to do it this way because it is more flexible. For instance someone might not want to have poppies replace grain tiles. Also, I will probably never do it, but I thought maybe one day I'd do stone houses that are more common in mountainous regions. So a scenario designer could have stone textures for houses if needed instead of mud houses. Or someone might design a scenario in Africa and find that mud walls and houses fit but he might not want Taliban fighters etc. So It gives you more options and adding 5-6 tags instead of an all encompassing one doesn't take much more time.

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