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Have to be in UK for a while, so setting up office.  Need to get new monitor. 

Consumer Reports recommends either Dell U2713H (27"  2560x1440) or Asus PQ 321Q (31.5"  3840x2160").

Anyone using one of these or recommending something else?

Also, since UK TV's are higher resolution  than most (non-4K) US TV's am wondering if simply using a 30"+ TV would work as a monitor giving resolution equivalent to the above monitors.  Anyone have experience of this?



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That's a strange question.  One assumes that one wants the very best graphics on the monitor one is using.  Multiple monitors can help with some high end flight sims etc.   But, not sure what the is advantage of playing CM on two monitors. 

FWIW I ended up getting an HP Z27n G2 27-Inch Display  (2560x1440)

I based my decision on factors like pixel pitch, consumer reviews (from a couple of sources) re reliability and color, warranty, and finally price. 

My travel laptop has a GTX 980M vidcard which should be able to handle 4K UHD easily.  But, I thought that 4K was overkill for a 27" monitor and for CM and the other apps I run.  And I am a bit suspicious that 4K monitors seem relatively cheap compared to even 1920x1200.  So, I wonder about the quality of most of the current crop of 4K monitors.


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Isn't a there problem with text scalability with CM on hi-res monitors? - IIRC CM uses bitmap fonts rather than vector SVG based ones , which work fine to a degree on common resultions but leads to breaking up and illegibility on 4K.

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Would be very interested in an answer to that question.  I was planning on getting a new system and 4K when I got back to US.  I currently have 2560x1440 or x1600 (I forget which) back at HQ and CM2 runs fine on that. 

IIRC was reading posts some time ago by at least one player who claimed he was using 4K monitor to play CM2, so I assumed that was ok.

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