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Need help deciding which Combat Mission to get

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Hi everyone! First post on the forums, so please be gentle. I've played this series off and on for awhile (mostly demos) but lately I've been purchasing the actual games and have really enjoyed them. My goal is to eventually get all of the modern titles.

Right now I have Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, Fortress Italy, and Shock Force 2 with all attendant modules. And I'm trying to decide which game to get next... In particular, I'm trying to strategize my purchases to best taken advantages of bundles when new modules come out.

For example, my understanding is that Red Thunder has a major new module coming out in the relatively near future. Is that true? What about Final Blitz/Black Sea; are they mostly settled down and won't receive more updates for awhile?

Thanks for any input you can give!

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You have CMSF2 already.  Why do you need others?   ...no I am not biased at all.  :P

Module releases coming are CMFI and CMRT.  Which is better for you is really subjective.  If you are a hardened Eastern front player it is obvious.  If not CMFI is pretty interesting.  More variety etc.

CMFB and CMBS were both earmarked for modules, but if you are looking at timing CMRT and CMFI are going to be out first.


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What we're officially waiting for is:

  • Engine 4 patches
  • CMFI Module, taking it to the end of the war
  • CMRT Module, taking it to the end of the war

After that there has been no word, but CMBS and CMFB haven't had modules, and CMSF 2 won't get any, so those are the plausible next options.

The next most likely *game* after that would be a 1943 Eastern Front game, which has been mentioned in passing.

That's pretty much all of the official word we have, with all of the most plausible speculation.

The next most likely, but certainly not mentioned, would be a 1943 North African game. Modern scenarios are always possible, but with CMBS and CMSF you're covered for symmetric and asymmetric, so there may not be a need.

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I thought all of the existing titles had been updated to Engine 4? Which are we still waiting on?

So it sounds like CMRT for sure has a module coming. CMBS and CMFB don't have any that we know of yet? It seems like adding to CMFB would be hard since it's already right at the end of the war, so maybe that's the safest bet?

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There are some patches due, to deal with some engine 4 issues. Should be soon.

CMBS has a battle pack, but that's it so far. CMFB doesn't run all the way to the end of the war, so you'd expect some late-war stuff in there, with some of the crazier tanks. Some of those are presumably in the CMRT module, so it makes some logical sense as a next step.

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3 minutes ago, Sprocketman said:

I thought all of the existing titles had been updated to Engine 4? Which are we still waiting on?

Engine 4 patches are coming at some point for all titles. Engine 4 broke some really important things, and, truthfully, BFC apparently feels no great urgency in fixing them. (It's been 2 years and 4 months....) Only CMSF has the Engine 4 patch applied so far, so every other title is still waiting to see those Engine 4 fixes.

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So since you already have FI, I think the next module will be very cool with a  variety of forces.

The Red Thunder module is likely going to have MASSIVE urban combat in Berlin if you like that sort of thing.

If you liked CMSF2, then CMBS is that on speed with a lot more lethality all around.

Final Blitzkrieg will likely have some cool stuff ported from CMRT..and hopefully M26 Pershings...anyone remember the old CMBS scenario with Pershings versus King Tigers?  I can't remember the name.

So you can't go wrong...although like @Sgt.Squarehead said, if you want something totally different CMRT may fit the bill.

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16 hours ago, Sprocketman said:

My goal is to eventually get all of the modern titles.

Get CMBS, then. You'll have all the officially supported modern titles, then (I do hope we'll get CMA, in the future).

It's more "modern" than CMSF2, including a lot of  new high-tech gameplay mechanics. It's also got a lot of content -- 3, unique and diverse, factions. There's also a pack that brings in more QB maps and singleplayer campaigns. From what I read, CMFI's Rome to Victory, is the next content they're releasing. If you are interested in the Eastern Front, CMRT is a must-have.

I am playing CMFB, right now -- it was the last on my CM to-buy list, completing my CM2 collection. CMFB is probably the most focused CM game, covering a very specific time period (which turned me off, at first). I am impressed by the graphics, and the massive scope of the Pieper campaign (I had to turn down my graphics settings).

14 hours ago, sburke said:

CMFB and CMBS were last word looking at modules, but there is no timeline.  CMBS was to cover Marines and VDV etc.  CMFB was to go to end of war and include Commonwealth forces.

I remember seeing that USMC was mentioned -- did I miss the official mention of the VDV being included? CMFB really needs Battle of Scheldt, with amphibious missions! 

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If you don't mind waiting a few weeks longer i would get the CMFI-module...

As i understand it you have all the previous CMFI titles..

This will complete this front for you and the next CMFI module will be the first game/module that has been designed from the START with all the latest features (v.4) in mind i belive...

After that...

Ones the CMRT module is released a bundle-option with the basegame is likely to be avaliable..

Get that game then...

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5 minutes ago, snarre said:

hym can you install then this new module ower base italy module what is still on 2.0 versio ? or do i have to buy game engine update ? 

It never occurred to me to check, but the previous CMFI module Gustav Line has this: 

"A licensed version of Combat Mission Fortress Italy Base Game is required for Gustav Line. It is recommended you have Game Engine 4 installed, however Gustav Line will work with Engine 3. No other Modules or Packs are required."

Gustav line was released when Engine 3 was valid, so it's very likely that the new module will require Engine 4 when it is released - I would imagine that the AI plans in the scenarios will take advantage of the engine 4 tools, for example.

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