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Great Youtube account - Animated Historical Documentaries

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20 hours ago, John Kettler said:


Great find! Spot watched the one on Battle of the River Plate to see what these looked like and came away impressed. 


John Kettler

I've watched several videos and they were all good. Like the 4 about conquering Norway and Denmark.

It's strange what kind of things used to happen at sea when radars and other technology wasn't as good as it is now.
One such video, but from another Youtube account is this:


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Re the Battle of the River Plate, did you recognize Anthony Quayle as Admiral Harwood? Those scenes were taken from the movie Pursuit of the Graf Spee https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0048990/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_74 .

Quayle was an interesting character. In addition to playing in quite a few movies about the war, he actually saw action as an SOE agent in Albania, once escaping just ahead of a German detachment looking for him.


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11 hours ago, Michael Emrys said:

It's pretty good. A bit like Sink the Bismarck, only maybe better.


Before Bismarck was sunk, it first sank British ship called Hood. I watched a video where they used a special "drone sub" to dive to the area where remains of Hood are. They wanted to find out why it sank so quickly, in maybe 3 minutes. And according to this video they did find enough ship parts to come up with believable sounding theory of what had happened.


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